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CrmOne is an easy-to-use software, built for startups and enterprises to help them go online, generate and nurture leads, streamline marketing activities and manage sales.



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Right from setting up websites to lead generation to nurture leads to managing deals to tracking conversations to social media postings to workflow automation - CrmOne does it all for you.

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CrmOne helps you to

Create A Free Website

Building and hosting a professional website can be a grinding task. If you hire a developer to build your website, it requires an average of $5000 as an investment and can take forever to build if you are working with the wrong guy.

With CrmOne you can...

Build an attractive website using our premium templates.

Host your website for free.

Secure your website using an SSL certificate (Comes free with all plans).

Generate leads using custom forms and surveys.

Add products and integrate payment gateway.

CrmOne helps you to

Build Sales funnels

CrmOne comes with an in-built sales funnel builder powered with amazing features, you can either use ready-to-use premium templates or build a custom funnel from scratch using drag and drop components.

With Crmone you can...

Build customized and highly convertible funnels.

Increase conversion ratio from leads to sales.

Complete visibility of your lead into sales funnel.

Maintain a thread of communication with each contact from various platforms in one place.

Build sales funnels

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Get 21 Days Trial

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CrmOne helps you to

Easily track conversations.

CrmOne helps you to manage multiple communication channels from various platforms making it easy to track between leads and clients.

With CrmOne you can...

Make and receive calls to your contacts using CrmOne.

Send promotional SMS/Text campaigns using CrmOne.

Send and receive emails from your contacts using CrmOne.

Integrate Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and GMB.

CrmOne maintains a thread of all communication you do with each contact, making it easy to track.

Required integrations

Twilio, Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, IndiaMart, Zoom, GMB

CrmOne helps you to

Manage leads efficiently

CrmOne allows you to manage all inbound leads effectively, you can add unlimited contacts in CrmOne and nurture them effectively using email and text campaigns, calls, or messages on social media platforms.

With CrmOne you can...

Create efficient lead generation and tracking process.

Create and automate lead-generation campaigns.

Create multi-channel leads nurturing system.

Trigger follow-up emails and text campaigns.

Get real-time data, forecasts, and reports.

Manage Leads

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Get 21 Days Trial

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CrmOne helps you to

Automate marketing campaigns

CrmOne comes with an in-built email and text campaign builder powerful enough to help you automate your promotional campaigns based on leads and customer interaction.

With CrmOne you can...

Build automated sales/marketing funnels.

Make landing pages and trigger event-based emails/texts.

Build and automate email and text marketing campaigns.

Schedule and send unlimited promotional text to your contacts.

Never miss out on any leads and increase your sales conversion rate.

CrmOne helps you to

Manage and track sales

CrmOne helps you to have complete control over your sales team and pipeline, you can create deals and assign them to the desired representative and keep a track of lead movement in the pipeline.

With CrmOne you can...

Add sales team with advanced roles and assign tasks.

Track the lead's progress, and prioritize tasks and campaigns.

Share products and quotes directly to your leads.

Generate and share payment links.

Get real-time reporting, smart analysis, and accurate forecasting.

Manage Sales

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Automate Workflow

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CrmOne helps you to

Automate Workflow

CrmOne helps you to automate repetitive tasks and saves your time which can be used in more productive work and boost your team's performance. 

With CrmOne you can...

Define automated tasks for different stages.

Preset marketing campaigns for every contact uploaded.

Automate sales outreach emails and SMS to prospects.

Schedule and automate hierarchy-based meetings.

Get customized reports by creating filters.

CrmOne helps you to

Analyse Report

CrmOne comes with real-time access to all growth metrics which can help you analyze the growth plan and in case of any deviations it allows you to make required changes in the strategies and achieve desired results.

With CrmOne you can

Department/Team-wise task stages.

Periodic sales report.

Email campaign reports.

Social media marketing reports.

Call reports.

Helpful for

Business Owners, Department head

Analyse Report

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Why subscribe to different tools?

CrmOne does the work of all of this software at a highly unmatched cost.
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Trial for every plan

We are offering 21 days trial for every plan, best for every organization to use and explore the endless possibilities. 

Secure payment

Secure payment

We accept and provide a secure payment gateway to our customers, stay stress-free and use our services.

24/7 support

We are providing 24/7 customer support through chat, call, or mail. We are also providing a knowledge base and FAQ resources and links to help you solve any issues.

Money back

21 days money back policy

In case you find that we are not giving what we are communicating you can generate a refund request within 21 days of your billing and we will do the needful.

A Complete Sales And Marketing CRM

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CrmOne is an easy-to-use software, built for startups and enterprises to help them go online,
generate and nurture leads, streamline marketing activities and manage sales.

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